Data Backup

These days people are saving tons of important information on computers. Information such as work documents, family photos, and videos. Losing this information would be a disaster but we are here to stop that from happening. With a data backup, all of your information can be kept safe and secure.


Standard Backup

Large Backup

Transfer data from an old computer to a new computer. (Transfers over 20 GB is considered a large backup)
Backup your data to one CD or DVD. (750 MB limit with CD & 9.4 GB limit with DVD
Backup your data to multiple CDs or DVDs.
Backup your data to an external hard drive or flash drive.(Transfers over 20 GB is considered a large backup)
Setup an online storage and backup your data.(Transfers over 20 GB is considered a large backup. There may be additional fees with online storage.)

*2 hour minimum for on-site service.

Q: How long will it take?
A: It will depend upon the amount of data you have to backup.

Q: Can my computer do backups automatically?
A: Yes. We can set your computer to do an automatic backup so that your data is always safe and secure.