Software Install

Do you have a game or an office program that you need installed? We will install your software and get it ready to use.

Bring everything in and we will handle the rest.
Stay where you are. We will come to you.
All of the support you need without leaving your chair.

Determine the compatibility of the software with your computer before install or repair.
Perform necessary software updates.
Create shortcuts for easy access to the software.

*2 hour minimum for on-site service.

Q: Does this include an operating system install?
A: No, but we can install an operating system for an additional fee.

Q: What if my computer does not meet the requirements to run the software?
A: If your computer does not have the minimum requirements to run the software, we will recommend and apply the necessary upgrades your system may need.

Q: What if my software is not compatible with my computer?
A: If the software is not compatible, we will let you know and suggest an alternative software to use.

APPOINTMENT ONLY: We are currently taking appointments only. We offer the option to assist our customers from their home with remote connection. Please contact us by phone, email us if you have any questions via our contact page or schedule an appointment for service.