Is your computer running on vacuum tubes? Get ready for a technology makeover. We will recommend upgrades or new technologies that will simplify your life and better suit your everyday needs.



Visit your location to find something that will fit your lifestyle.
Review your current devices.
Recommend options to you such as upgrades and purchases.

Q: How long does this take?
A: On average it takes about 30 minutes but we will give you 60 minutes in case you have any questions.

Q: My computer is old but I don’t know if I should upgrade it or by a new one. Can you help me?
A: Yes, We will tailor your current computer or a new computer to your technology needs. We will provide you with your upgrade options and new purchase options so that you can make an informed decision on what route to take.

APPOINTMENT ONLY: We are currently taking appointments only. We offer the option to assist our customers from their home with remote connection. Please contact us by phone, email us if you have any questions via our contact page or schedule an appointment for service.