Are you a new computer user or do you just want to know how to use your current pc a little better? Don’t let the computer be a stranger to you. We can help you become a computer pro with just a little training.




Provide basic training for 30 minutes.
Provide advanced training for 60 minutes. (There will be a hourly rate of $20.00 for anything after 60 minutes.)
Overview of software included with your operating system.
How to use devices such as printers, dvd burners, mp3 players, etc.
Navigation through your operating system and keyboard shortcuts.

Q: Will you show me how to setup a facebook account?
A: Yes, we will help you setup an account on various social media sites such as facebook, myspace, or google+.

Q: Can you show me how to use my internet browser and answer questions I might have about it?
A: Yes, we will answer your questions and show you how to use multiple browsers such as Internet explorer, Firefox or, Safari.

APPOINTMENT ONLY: We are currently taking appointments only. We offer the option to assist our customers from their home with remote connection. Please contact us by phone, email us if you have any questions via our contact page or schedule an appointment for service.