Virus removal

Is your computer infected with a pesky virus, spyware, or malware? Don’t worry! We have the knowledge and the tools to remove those viruses ailing your computer.

Bring everything in and we will handle the rest.
Stay where you are. We will come to you.
All of the support you need without leaving your chair.

Toubleshoot 1 computer using various tools that seek out and find those pesky viruses.
Remove all viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, and rootkits from you computer.
Perform critical updates to your operating system.
Repair any issues to your operating systems that may have been caused by the virus such as loss of internet or boot issues.
Test computer for proper functionality
Provide a cost estimate of any hardware,software or services that may be needed to better protect your system.

*2 hour minimum for on-site service.

Q: If my computer is not protected, will you show me what I need to keep it secure?
A: Yes. We will recommend and install any software or hardware that is needed to keep your computer safe and secure.

Q: Can you recover any data that is lost due to a virus?
A: In many situations, Yes. Viruses can cause serious damage to you computer and its information. However, once we remove the virus, there is still a chance that we can recover your data with our Data Recovery service. Please discuss any loss of data with a technician to determine if Data recovery is a suitable option for you.

Q: What if my virus, malware, or spyware cannot be removed?
A: We have encountered hundreds of different viruses, malware, and spyware. Our track record has been extremely good. We have not found one that we cannot remove. If by some rare chance there is a virus, spyware or malware that we cannot remove, you will not be charged for virus removal services. At that point we will also show you how to recover your computer to a working condition.

APPOINTMENT ONLY: We are currently taking appointments only. We offer the option to assist our customers from their home with remote connection. Please contact us by phone, email us if you have any questions via our contact page or schedule an appointment for service.