Hardware Repair

Do you have a computer hardware component that is damaged?. Don’t worry. Many times that hardware can be repaired. If for some reason it cannot, we will install a replacement part and get your computer functioning again.

Bring everything in and we will handle the rest.
Stay where you are. We will come to you.
Inspect your hardware to find the root cause of the issue.
Describe what is causing the issue and provide a solution to the problem.
Install a replacement part if hardware cannot be repaired. (Additional charge will apply for replacement part)

Q: What types of hardware can you repair?
A: Many times we can repair motherboards, RAM, optical disc drives, and much more.

*2 hour minimum for on-site service.

APPOINTMENT ONLY: We are currently taking appointments only. We offer the option to assist our customers from their home with remote connection. Please contact us by phone, email us if you have any questions via our contact page or schedule an appointment for service.